Brooklyn-based Preview Wear is a design team–a love child—that formed organically between friends. Within the four-person design team, there are a pair of childhood best friends, siblings, and a married couple. What started out as a hobby turned into a weekly meeting session, and within a year they produced the line’s first premier collection of hair accessories— merging art with function, creating thoughtful objects for everyday wear. Preview Wear presents form and function to display in your hair.


The brand is a true collaboration: Ben Duarte, an architect; Cara Craig, a hair colorist; Veronica Duarte, a real estate agent; and Victoria Bott, an interior designer. Informed by various disciplines, Ben, Veronica, and Victoria all completed their studies at Pratt Institute, studying architecture, print making, and interior design respectively while Cara went to Guilford College and beauty school in North Carolina.


Preview Wear’s opening three-piece collection includes The Pony Cuff, The XO, and The Parallel—all designed in Brooklyn using solid brass, available in plated gold, rose gold or rhodium.


Since its launch, Preview Wear has been recognized by media including, Allure, and In Style, to name a few, and has been worn by celebrities such as Shanina Shaik.


Photography by Sergiy Barchuck

Hair by Malcolm Cuthbert